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_32 tipsI have been a coach for a long time now. I have done all the required study, been to all the courses and taught a few of them too. I have had a lot of experiences, many of them good, many of them bad, too many of them embarrassing. Along the way I have tried to have learn from all of those experiences and as I result I am a much better coach than I was when I started. I still make mistakes, often when I forget the lessons that I have learnt. Here is a list of some of those lessons. Writing them down helps me to remember them more often and not to make the same mistakes over and over again. Hopefully there is something here for you too.  The first 50 Tips are here.

#82 – “Let them talk”

#81 – “Everything is a tradeoff”

#80 – “Do no harm”

#79 – “Attention is zero sum”

#78 – “Learn to speak”

#77 – “Baby steps”

#76 – “Reflect”

#75 – “Play the ball not the jersey”

#74 – “Listen for players’ feedback”

#73 – “Don’t set limits”

#72 – “Practice requires to attention”

#71 – “Keep your horizons broad”

#70 – “One practice is not important”

#69 – “Don’t sweat the small stuff”

#68 – “Teach them to love it”

#67 – “It takes two to fight”

#66 – “Everything you do means something”

#65 – “Be present”

#64 – “Get a little better today”

#63 – “Pay attention”

#62 – “Set the mood”

#61 – “Minimise pressure”

#60 – “Do the courses”

#59 – “Talk to coaches”

#58 – “Go to practices”

#57 – “You get better at what you practice”

#56 – “Look first”

#55 – “Every player is different”

#54 – “Coach the ones you have”

#53 – “Analyse rationally”

#52 – “Give choices and freedoms”

#51 – “The other 3 day rule”

#1 – #50 – 50 Coaching Tips


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