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In a previous post, I looked at what happens when we miss a chance to attack, and the wrong player plays a simple free ball over the net. That is, nothing good. In this post we continue on the same theme, interactions, and add in a hint of readiness for good measure.

In this clip, we get a little bit of everything. We know that any kind of attack changes the odds of winning the rally in our favour, even if only slightly. We know that in order to attack you have to be ready. We know that how and where you put over a free ball affects the rest of the rally.

The middle blocker on the far side of the net stands with his back to the net, watching the play and not really ready for anything. When the ball comes from behind the court, right on top of the net for what should be a relatively simple attack, not only is he not ready to attack, he is in a bad position to even put over a free ball. The subsequent free ball is therefore a simple ball right to the middle blocker who has no trouble finishing the rally. If he had moved another metre off the net and turned his body so that he was 90°, i.e. facing the net and the play, he could at the very least have put over an effective free ball and possibly even scored with an attack. Instead we have what we see.

Like the last post, we are not watching a standard situation that just happens in a match. We are seeing a lack of readiness and teamplay followed by a thoughtless action.

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