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I have been a coach for a long time now.  I have done all the required study, been to all the courses and taught a few of them too.  I have had a lot of experiences, many of them good, many of them bad, too many of them embarrassing.  Along the way I have tried to have learn from all of those experiences and as I result I am a much better coach than I was when I started.  I still make mistakes, often when I forget the lessons that I have learnt.  Here is a list of some of those lessons.  Writing them down helps me to remember them more often and not to make the same mistakes over and over again.  Hopefully there is something here for you too.

#51 – #82 – More Coaching Tips

#50 – “Players remember everything”

#49 – “You need to do the right thing”

#48 – “Less players = shorter practice”

#47 – “If you didn’t see it, they didn’t do it”

#46 – “Check the equipment” 

#45 – “Question everything”

#44 – “Treat special players differently”

#43 – “More words = more confusion”

#42 – “Use Models and Templates”

#41 – “Watch the reaction”

#40 – “The match is the exam for practice”

#39 – “Players pay more attention to what they choose to do”

#38 – “Be patient”

#37 – “Drill performance is not learning”


#36 – “High intensity and high quality are not the same”

#35 – “Over programme”

#34 – “The extra drill is a waste of time”

#33 – “Your reaction is what matters”

#32 – “Competition makes practice worse”

#31 – “Competition makes practice better”

#30 – “Name First”

#29 – “Watch the players”

#28 – “Go to matches”

#27 – “Be consistent”

#26 – “To improve practice, raise standards”

#25 – “Laugh”

#24 – “You have to win the matches you have to win”

#23 – Bad outcome ≠ Bad decision

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#22 – “Be specific”

#21 – “Use a whistle”

#20 – “It’s my fault”

#19 – “Every season is different”

#18 – “Three Day Rule”

#17 – “Don’t be precious”

#16 – “Listen to pepper”

#15 – “Check the hair”

#14  – “The difference is a tenth of a second”

#13 – “Players don’t like being shouted at”

#12 –  “Shout at the one you are angry at”

#11 – “Shining a light on something creates, not prevents, problems” – Part Two

#10 – “Shining a light on something creates, not prevents, problems” – Part One

#9 – “The better you prepare, the better you practice”

#8 – “First, get the team to play as well as they can.”

#7 – “The first time you do anything it is terrible.”

#6 – “Make the players want to come to practice.”

#5 – “Everything Is Timing”

#4 – “Coaching is not a theoretical exercise”

#3 – “Take time to smell the roses”

#2 – “For tired players, raise the intensity”

#1 – “Never make any judgements on the first day”

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  1. Thanks for these amazing tips coach.
    BTW, I would appreciate it if you could give me an advice. I am a bit shorter than average players. so I searched for some at home training program to improve my jumps and I came across this video program http://bit.ly/2OVAM4i. (Sorry I don’t know if I am allowed to post links or not). It seems interesting and the testimonies are amazing, do you think it is legit? (it promises to step-by-step improve your jumps tremendously)


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