Coaching Tip #49

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49 the right thing

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Every day in a coach’s working life brings challenges that require some action from the coach.  In a group of 15+ people there is always something technical or tactical or interpersonal or organisational that the coach needs to attend to.

Many of the challenges that come up are covered in coaches courses or manual or in some internet group and the resource exists to provide a solution.  Other times the challenge can be unique to the team or the situation.  Either way the coach must provide the right response.

Often there will be the pressure to, or desire to, do something.  There is a problem, or more likely an issue, and something must be done.

In some situations, the feeling presents itself that you have to do anything.  Doing anything is surely better than doing nothing.

However, in all cases what the coach must to is the right thing.  Whatever the pressure, internal or external, to do some thing, or any thing, the coach must do the right thing.

And sometimes the right thing is do let whatever it is pass, and do nothing.

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