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Coaches are forever tearing their hair out at players who never seem to listen to what they say.  No matter how many times the coach gives some particular feedback or information or instruction the player / players don’t seem to respond in the required way.

While it is definitely true that players often don’t respond in the way coaches want them to, it is not true that players don’t listen.  And it is most definitely not true that players don’t remember what has been told to them, although sometimes in unexpected ways.

The coach can often be surprised in the conversations with players at the quotes and statements that will be brought up from meetings years ago that have been completely forgotten.  Even comments that are made offhandedly or informally by the coach can have lasting resonance to the player who finds meaning that might not have been intended or some personal connection that wasn’t obvious.  Remember that for a coach, each player / coach interaction is one of many, for the player it is one of few.

It is hard work, but very time you talk to a player or to the team, consider what you say.  Players are always listening, and they remember everything.

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    1. Me telling a 16 year old that girlfriends get in the way of volleyball, and him telling me after retirement that on my advice he never had a girlfriend while he was playing.


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