Course Presenter

I am an official FIVB Coach Instructor and in that capacity and others and have presented in nine different countries (eleven if you count online courses).  I very much enjoy presenting and interacting with coaches.  As much as it fits my schedule, I am available and happy to present to any group.  If you are interested in hearing me speak, drop me a line in the comments box.

Courses Presented

DVV /, Trainer Fortbildung, Mittelblocker, September 2020, Online

Federação Mineira de Voleibol (Brazil), 1st Encontro Internacional de Voleibol FMV, “Numbers That Matter”, September 2020, Online

CAVB (African Volleyball Confederation) Webinar, “Getting the most out of practice” A new coaching approach, June 2020, Online

“We Are One” Volleyball Australia, Coaching Conference, Canberra, “Being a Better Coach”, September 2019

International Coaching Symposium, Ottawa, Practice to Play, June 2019

Polish School of Physical Education (AWF), Katowice, “Key techniques and tactics exercises in the training of a professional team”, November 2018

International Coaching Symposium, Ottawa, Advanced Serving Tactics, June 2018

Volleyball Australia Coach Development Seminar, Canberra, July 2017 

FIVB Level 1 Course, Bangkok, July 2016

FIVB Technical Seminar, Kettering, UK, June 2015

FIVB Level 1 Course, Bangkok, July 2014

bangkok course

Further information here.

DVV A Lizenz Fortbildung, “Trainieren zu Spielen”, Berlin, June 2014

DVV A Lizenz Fortbildung, “Trainieren zu Spielen”, Berlin, August 2013

FIVB Level 1 Course, Bahrain, June 2013

bahrain course

NVVO Clinic, Zwolle, Netherlands, August 2012

FIVB Setters Technical Seminar, Canberra, June 2012, Seminar notes here

FIVB Level 1 Course, Canberra, June 2011

NVV B-Trainer Konferenz, Scouting, August 2010

SASI/VSA Coaching Workshop, Service Reception, July 2010

FIVB Reception / Defence Technical Seminar, Christchurch, June 2010

Volleyball Victoria, June 2009, “Why We Practice”


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