Setting Technical Seminar – Part 2

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A few years ago I presented an FIVB Technical Seminar on the topic of setters. It is always surprising to me that I can present for five full days on a single topic.  One of the ways to do it is lots and lots of videos. One of the overall themes of this particular seminar was that among the great setters there were many different techniques and methods used to achieve the same outcome. Here is Part 2 of some of the materials that I produced for the seminar and included discussion points. Part 1 is here.

Lloy Ball – I shouldn’t really have to explain who Lloy Ball is. If you don’t know, this link goes to a documentary series on his career. In the seminar, we only talked about his hands. There were a couple things that emerged.

  • Hands over wrists
  • Very little thumb contact when setting forwards
  • Longer contact

We also reviewed some prominent women’s setters to see what, if any, differences there were between men and women are in this area. Spoiler alert – there were. What is really interesting is how different techniques have developed to solve the tactical problems of the game. The different concept of the neutral position is one significant point here.

Eleonora Lo Bianco – The Italian is one the most famous and long serving setters in world volleyball, having played over 500 international matches. This video though is from a club match with Foppapedretti Bergamo. The seminar participants compiled this list of notes. The last one was the one that created the most discussion.

  • Square to net
  • Skip step around the ball
  • Varied contact points
  • Consistent position at the net
  • No jump set
  • Feet together on contact
  • Late to the net after defence
  • Open along the net
  • Leaning back on contact

Lindsey Berg – Berg played many years for the USA National Team and all over the world. Like Lo Bianco she was not physically imposing, and developed her techniques taking that into account. The notes were…

  • Different contact points
  • Pivots on right foot, left leg drives through the movement
  • Not always square (open to court, back to net, rotates on backset)
  • Sets many balls with one foot on the ground
  • Leaning back on contact
  • Feet together on contact
  • Low hands when setting ‘b’ quick
  • Open to court when setting pipe/’a’ quick
  • First step from net is long
  • Standard position at the net

The Valerio Vermiglio post that I wrote also covers material from the same seminar.

The two Peter Blange posts (here and here) were not part of the seminar but fit in nicely.

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