Attack Heatmaps With Science Untangled

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Follow the course of a match using heatmaps.

Set 1 – Attacking team able to hit the middle of the court and score at a high %.

Set 2 – The middle of the court is being closed. Attack effectiveness decreases.

Set 3 – Pos 2/1 cannot get the ball past the block. The attack that gets past the block is funnelled to the defence.

Set 4/5 – Nothing gets past the block. Attack % under 40%.

See to make your own fully personalisable heatmaps. Choose individual players, number of blockers, type of attack, score, and literally dozens of other filters.

If you want to study setting in a bit more detail check out this presentation that studies the techniques and tactics of 10 of the top setters in the world, both men and women. And for very special price on all current webinars, 8 in all, including ones on BLOCKING, PRACTICE, COMMUNICATION and SCOUTING click here.

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