Why This Play Is Great – The Genius of Giannelli

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Tuesday’s Italian Super Cup Final was full of countless amazing plays from the best players in the world and a really scary moment for one of them. My favourite play though was a subtle little play from Simone Giannelli with a little help from Wilfredo Leon. Here it is.

Did you spot Giannelli’s genius? It was pretty subtle. After the ball was blocked he was about to run to the setting position but noticed that Leon was going to be able to pass the ball easily. And that he had a clear approach to attack. So he hesitates, steps back and then explodes onto the ball for a easy attack point.

‘That was not so subtle’, I can hear you saying, ‘it was obvious from his movements.’ There is some truth in that but the whole thing was so fast and smooth that the Civitanova blockers, highly paid professionals whose sole job it is to read and interpret Giannelli’s movements and intentions, had no clue it was coming.

The funny part of the whole story was that just last week I was telling the story about the time Ricardo waiting off the net so he could have an approach to attack. It turns out I remembered the situation incorrectly. It wasn’t a free ball at all.

Which play was better?

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