Why This Play Is Great

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In the What Just Happened? series of posts, I have been looking a bit deeper into what happens below the surface of the volleyball we think we see. This clip didn’t seem to fit exactly into that series, but I wanted to share it.

Obviously this is a great attack from Kwolek. And we could leave it there and be happy with it. But if you know anything about me at all, you know I can’t leave things as they are.

If you follow Kwolek for the whole play you can see how little he moves, just a step here or a body turn there but is always ready and in the play. If you watch really, really carefully just before the setter makes contact with the cover he shifts his weight onto his right foot. We know that readiness is the key to volleyball and it is that subtle shift that makes him ready to attack ‘spontaneously’ and without a ‘proper’ approach. And that subtle shift of weight is why this play is great.

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