What Just Happened? – Trentino Three Outsides

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For more explanations of what is really happening in the game click What Just Happened Part 1-8 and for explanations of great play click Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Trentino started the season with an unusual lineup. Instead of playing with the normal two outside hitters and one opposite, they used a lineup of three outside hitters and no opposite. Here is an explanation of how they put it all together.

P1 – Nothing particularly out of the ordinary here. #15 Lavia is the nominal opposite but comes back to receive along with #1 Kaziyski and #5 Michieletto. The offence is as normal.
P6 – This is an interesting one. The ‘obvious’ solution would be to take Lavia out of the reception and lineup normally. Instead they take Kaziyski out of the reception. This creates a tough situation for Sbertoli (the setter) to get to the net. Luckily rotation faults are not call literally. Lavia receives and spikes from position 2. Kaziyski spikes pipe.
P5 – Nothing much to report here. The only notable point here is that Lavia drops back to receive. The greatest effect here is that the libero is closer to the middle of the court.

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P4 – Now it starts to get a little interesting. In this still it looks like Kaziyski is in the reception line, but in fact he steps out and attacks from position 1. The follow up option here, perhaps depending on the server, could be for Kaziyski to step into the reception line and Lavia to become the backrow option.
P3 – A normal 4 player reception line. Michieletto spikes from position 1.
P2 – This is another interesting one. Lavia steps out of the reception so he can attack from position 1. Theoretically, it should be easier for Michieletto to spike as he has a shorter distance to move into position but they have chosen Lavia. As in P4, they could change receivers here. Overall it is also interesting that they use three different spikers from position 1.

To see how it works here are a few actions in each rotation.


    1. I actually don’t know the story exactly.
      They have 3 great, or at least very good, receivers. Maybe they think it is a better option. Or maybe the opposite wasn’t in great shape.
      They already ‘changed back’ before Michieletto was injured, so it seems like it was temporary.


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