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Here you will find a collection of coach education resources. Click on the respectively links to order now.

Communication Skills for Coaches
50+ minute video presentation with practical tips on how to improve your communication. Topics covered include:
– How we communicate
– Obstacles to communication
– Practical guidelines for effective communication
– Optimising feedback
– The negative effect of shouting
– Communication during matches and timeouts

Explaining Middle Blocking – Attacking
50+ minute presentation including video examples. Topics covered include:
– Requirements for middle blockers
– Why you should never make fun of middles
– Technical aspects of attack: Position, Timing etc
– Tactical Variations in first tempo attack

Explaining Middle Blocking – Blocking
50+ minute presentation including video examples. Topics covered include:
– Requirements for middle blockers
– Technical aspects of blocking
– Practical practice drills and guidelines for improving technical elements and game understanding
– Why you should never make fun of middles
– Why middles have to practice serve and defence

Match Coaching
~56 minutes presentation. Topics covered include:
– Guidelines for organising your rotational order
– Choosing your starting starting rotation
– Using statistics during the match
– Timeouts – dos and don’ts
– Substitutions – dos and don’ts

On Court Practice Presentations
Practice to Play
~60 minutes on court presentation on practice structure to emphasise game play, with descriptions of
– description of practice methodology / theoretical underpinning of practice
– demonstration team shows several practice examples, with explanations
Match Preparation – The Last Practice Before The Match
45 minute recording of the last practice before a Champions League match, with coach’s commentary including aspects of skill learning theory

Opponent Scouting and Match Plan Preparation
The 57+ minute webinar covers topics including:
1. Common spiker’s tendencies
2. How the study the setter, including common setter tendencies
3. How to study servers, including common serving strategies and tactics
4. How to collect information, including examples of pen and paper data collection
5. How to develop and present the match plan, including
– written instructions
– video
– how to conduct the meeting

Practice Plan – Preparation Period

This training plan covers four weeks of the pre season phase. It includes all drills, including the warmup, with important notes and reflections. You can follow the technical and tactical progression of the team from the first day of practice up until the first practice match.

Welcome to My Gym
~53 minutes presentation of my team going performing various drills and exercises clipped from a couple of weeks practice with Coach’s Commentary, explaining how I structure my practices, why I choose specific drills and methods and other insights into how I think about practice. It covers:
1 – Four Phases of Practice
2 – Drills for each phase
3 – Structuring the phases
4 – Drill conduct


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