Explaining Middle Blocking Webinar

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I am slowly adding more webinars and presentations for sale.

The latest is more technically oriented. I look specifically at the middle blocker position, with a focus on the blocking components. The presentation is, a 50+ minute presentation including video examples.

Topics covered include:

  • Requirements for middle blockers
  • Technical aspects of blocking
  • Practical practice drills and guidelines for improving technical elements and game understanding
  • Why you should never make fun of middles
  • Why middles have to practice serve and defence

Upon purchase the you will receive a You Tube link for the video within 24 hours, and also links to the video clips used in the presentation for your own use. Please be patient with any teething problems, and for any questions or comments write to at.home.mentoring@gmail.com. Requests and suggestions are welcome.

There is also a webinar focused on attack for middle blockers. If you have already purchased the blocking webinar, you can get the attack one at a lower price as there is some overlap in content. Or both can be purchased for a reduced price. The purchase links are below. The page link for a description is here.


50+ minute presentation, including practice ideas and guidelines and video explanations of technical elements of blocking for middle blockers.



Both Middle Blocking Videos in one package, including all the individual video clips shown for your own use.



If you already have one of the videos purchase the other for a discount price.



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