Different Ways To Use The Libero

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In the course of a conversation recently, someone heavily involved in professional volleyball as a player and club manager for twenty years expressed surprise that a libero was allowed to enter the court for someone other than the middle blocker. If that is also news to you, yes, the libero can enter the court for any backrow player.


I have been mulling different options for the libero for a long time. One version that I almost used a couple of times, was changing the middle for a receiver and using the libero for the other reciever in order to have the libero receive in an area he would be more likely to receive the serve. In the end I used that variation, but with a slightly different purpose. My best server is an outside who is not a starter. And my best hitter is my worst passer. So I put on the server / receiver for a middle, and then used the libero for the weaker receiver. Here’s what it looks like.

Receiver comes on the serve for the middle

After one rally, the libero enters for the backrow receiver.

And voila… the libero is receiving in the middle instead of position 1.

Maybe you can think of an even better variation.

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  1. I used the libero as a setter and here is how that looks like: 🙂https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lrUrfTNsed8


  2. I am continually amazed, particularly in junior volleyball, with the notion that the middle blocker must always come off in back court. If a coach feels he must play a libero in junior volleyball (a concept I disagree with in any event) at least don’t default to the lazy option of only taking off the middle. How about taking off the weakest passer instead, whoever that is. Or mixing it up so that all juniors learn how to play backcourt.


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