Opponent Scouting and Match Plan Preparation

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In this coaching development resource, the focus is on opponent scouting and match plan preparation and presentation.

The 57+ minute webinar covers topics including:
1. Common spiker’s tendencies
2. How the study the setter, including common setter tendencies
3. How to study servers, including common serving strategies and tactics
4. How to collect information, including examples of pen and paper data collection
5. How to develop and present the match plan, including
– written instructions
– video
– how to conduct the meeting

Upon purchase the you will receive a You Tube link for the video within 24 hours. For any questions or comments write to at.home.mentoring@gmail.com. Requests and suggestions are welcome.


Opponent Scouting and Match Plan Preparation

57 minute webinar on the collection of opponent scouting information and preparation and presentation of match plans.


For more coaching presentations and webinars available on demand, click here.


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