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In 2012, I ran a five day seminar on The Setter. Five days, with theoretical and practical sessions making a total of about 40 hours give or take, means you can cover a lot of ground which we. These videos give a review of the information covered over the course of those five days, focusing on the theoretical component. The format of the seminar was highly oriented towards discussion. Topics were presented, or questions were raised and the ‘conclusions’ were reached through group discussion. The setters who were analysed were among the best setters of that time, including:
– Lloy Ball
– Lindsey Berg
– Pawel Zagumy
– Ricardinho
– Eleonora Lo Bianco
– Valerio Vermiglio

There are four videos of the powerpoint presentations available here. The videos include all the topics and the ‘conclusions’ drawn from the discussion, as well as all of the video material that was studied with some added 2021 commentary by me. The total ‘running’ time is 1:48 hours, however you will need to pause the video to take in all the information meaning there is a lot more value than the running time would suggest by itself. The technique video is over 60 minutes and is available as a standalone video.

Video 1 – Introduction
– Object of Setting
– Role of the Setter
– Important Skills
– Personal Qualities
Video 2 – Technique
– Introduction
– Hands / Arms
– Movement / Posture / Backset
Video 3 – Tactics
– Object of the Offence
– Using the First Tempo to Structure the Offence
– Deception
– Game Management
Video 4 – Developing / Scouting
– Developing the Setter
– Scouting the Opponent Setter

Upon purchase the you will links to the purchased videos within 24 hours. For any questions or comments write to at.home.mentoring@gmail.com. Requests and suggestions are welcome. Other coaching resources are available here.


The Setter – All Videos

Four videos from the 2012 Seminar ‘The Setter’. Introduction Technique Tactics Development and Scouting


The Setter – Setting Technique

From the 2012 Seminar ‘The Setter’ Setting Technique



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