Coaching Tip #105 – Change the Groups

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There are lots of situations in practice where the drill or exercise does not work as well as you think it should work. There are any number of reasons for this. Sometimes it is because of quality of execution or attention. Sometimes the players aren’t taking it as seriously as they should. This is typically the time that the coach does one of two things. One solution is to stick it out until the end of the allotted time and complain about the players after practice. Another solution is to stop practice and give an impassioned speech about the need for focus and attention and send them back out.

There is another solution. Many problems can be fixed by changing the groups. Lack of execution and attention has two causes: the drill is too easy or too hard. Putting the best player with the underperforming group will fix many problems. Problems of lack of seriousness are caused by the same reasons (for solution see above) or one group contains players that have that kind of relationship when together. In that case, simply split those players.

In both cases the coach can improve practice performance significantly without creating a huge fuss and without making stress for themselves.

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