Setting Technical Seminar – Part 1

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A few years ago I presented an FIVB Technical Seminar on the topic of setters. It is always surprising to me that I can present for five full days on a single topic.  One of the ways to do it is lots and lots of videos. One of the overall themes of this particular seminar was that among the great setters there were many different techniques and methods used to achieve the same outcome. Here are some of the materials that I produced for the seminar and included are the discussion points that emerged. There is a second part that you can find here.

Kawika Shoji – US National Team with multiple medals from World Championships and Olympic Games and my setter in Berlin for four years and three championships. I had some TV footage and was able to make a dual view synchronised video. Technical points to watch for:

  • Neutral, upright position on contact
  • Uses shoulders to backset
  • Open to the court, squares on contact
  • High contact
  • Shuffle steps to the ball
  • Not always in position at the net
  • Small base
  • Adjustment step to the ball

Pawel Zagumny – Polish National Team. Technical points to watch for:

  • Early position at the net
  • First step from the net is long step
  • Neutral body position all the time
  • Variable position at the net
  • Left leg drives through the motion
  • Rotates body when setting behind
  • Small steps to the ball
  • ‘wristy’
  • Feet together on contact
  • Hands up late
  • High / consistent contact point

Ricardinho – Brazilian National Team setter, here playing for Modena in Italian. The focus here is on his glorious backset. Technical points to watch for:

  • Uses shoulders and wrists
  • Rotates over right shoulder

The legendary German coach Stelian Moculescu had a very specific setting technique that he taught, especially the hand movement. Here you can see Slovakian setter Juraj Zatko from different viewpoints and different speeds. The front view clips in the second part of the video show it a little bit more clearly.

  • ‘Preload’ movement
  • Thumbs accelerate through the ball
  • Greater deception

The Valerio Vermiglio post that I wrote also covers material from the same seminar.

The two Peter Blange posts (here and here) were not part of the seminar but fit in nicely.

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