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60 - do the courses

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In the education of a volleyball coach, there are two streams.  The formal stream and the informal stream.  The informal stream includes self education, individual research and professional development.  The formal stream includes the official accreditation programs and other science based courses.

In volleyball, it seems that the formal stream is often ignored or downplayed.  The role of formal coach education is vital in the education of a coach.  As a player one is, presumably, exposed to a range of experiences, methodologies and approaches.  The young coach will therefore already have some idea of what works or doesn’t work.

That information alone is not enough.  Coaches must know and understand the underlying theories and methodologies of coaching.   Coaches must understand the science of why one technique is preferable or advantageous over another.  Coaches must understand how different tactics were developed and why there are or are appropriate at a particular level.  Coaches must understand and be able to apply appropriate training methodologies.

The only way to learn these things is through accredited coaches courses.  Informal education is important, but the coaching journey begins with the courses.  How you did it as a player is not enough.  Do the courses.

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