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46 check equipment

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Coaches often (it not always, hopefully at least) preach precision and attention to detail in their players.  Precision and attention to detail are important in all parts of volleyball, from technical and tactical execution to the efficient conduct of practice.

For the players to develop the necessary skills in those areas (and any other areas), the coach must set the example.  Practice planning and conduct is an area that quickly comes to mind.  Better planned practices lead to more attentive players.

Most coaches think of training equipment mostly in terms of safety.  Boxes, bags, targets, padding etc etc need to be placed in positions that minimize the injury risk for players.  But how many coaches pay as much attention to the height of the net or the air pressure in balls? .

Always make sure that the net is at the correct height (by reach doesn’t count), the antennae are straight and the balls are the correct pressure.  Then you can talk to players confidently about their attention to detail.

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