Coaching Tip #61

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61 - minimise pressure

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In any level of sport there are pressures that accumulate around the team and its players.  There is pressure to perform, pressure to win, pressure to play in a certain way, pressure to put on a good show. There are pressures from fans / parents, pressure from administrators, pressure from a player’s own expectations.  There are even pressures that are nothing to do with the sport or the team that nonetheless affect performance.

Pressure can focus attention and motivation and thereby improve performance, but it is far more likely to have a detrimental effect, especially if left unchecked.

Given that the coach is ultimately responsible for the performance of the team, they must minimise the pressure on the team.  They can do this by deflecting negative outside pressures and more importantly by not contributing extra pressures.  In fact, in many well functioning teams, the team / practice / changing room can become a sanctuary.

The lesson for the coach is simple, for optimum performance, minimise pressure.

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