Coaching Tip #71

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71 - broad horizons

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When coaches start their journeys they have many ideas.  In addition they continually seek out new ideas they can incorporate them into their own philosophy and methodology.

At some point, many coaches lose this natural inquisitiveness.  It is only natural. With experience, the coach’s own vision solidifies and they seek fewer new inputs.  As life goes on, other commitments increase and the focus on work becomes more internalised, and spare time is spent on other projects.

But coaching is not a destination*.  To continue to improve and give your players the best chance they have to succeed, you have to keep your horizons broad.

Keep going to practices and matches.

Keep going to courses and seminars.

Keep engaging with other coaches.

Keep loving the game.

Over time it is easy to become insulated.  Keep your horizons broad.

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