Coaching Tip #59

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59 - talk to coaches

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The lot of the coach is lifelong learning.  It is a journey with no end.  To become good, even fleetingly, a coach must be constantly looking for ways to gain insights, experiences and knowledge.

The people who know the most about coaching are the practitioners themselves, the coaches.  Take every chance you can to talk with other coaches.  Ask them questions.  Listen to the answers.  Don’t judge them.  Compare experiences.

Write to coaches who interest you.  You would be shocked at how many will write back.  Ask them questions. Listen to the answers.  Actually listen to the answers.

The coaching community is small and competitive, but the really good coaches are open and happy to share with colleagues.  Don’t be shy.  Talk to coaches.

The initial collection of 50 Coaching Tips can be found here.


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