Coaching Tip #64

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64 - get a little better

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Coaches are responsible for the development of a large group players as well as for the team as a whole.  With such a large group, there are dozens of techniques and tactics both individual and collective that the coach must observe, analyse and improve through the various means at their disposal.  Given that there is never enough practice time for the coach, the task can quickly become daunting.

As with tackling all daunting tasks the solution is to break it down to manageable chunks.  It isn’t possible to improve everything in one day, or to solve all the team’s problems.  So pick one thing and focus on getting a little better today.

If you get a little better today, the players will have a little more confidence coming to practice tomorrow.  If you can manage to get a little better today, you have a good chance to get a little better tomorrow.  If you get a little better today, you will be surprised at how quickly the days add up, and how quickly you get better.

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