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47 if you didn't see it

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Players mean well.  They want to get better.  They are well intentioned.  With this in mind, you should give them their off season training program or rehab program and believe them when they explain how they will do that program and the improvements that will be evident the next time you get together.

Players are people.  Sometimes life gets in the way of even the best intentions.  Players will always tell you what they actually did in the off season.  But it will be the best possible interpretation of what they did.  And what they do will almost certainly be a lower intensity than if their work was supervised by the Head Coach.*

Obviously it affects your season and session planning if you don’t know what level the players will be when they return from a break.  Except that you do know.  Always believe your players had the best intentions, and did the best they could, but if you didn’t see them do, they didn’t do it.

*You should already know that the players don’t work as well when the Head Coach is not in attendance.

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