A Great Coach Talking To His Player?

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“I am not here to work you like a puppet.  You make your own choices, you’re the author of your own performance, you have to live with it forever.  If it falls far from what I’m trying to accomplish … I’ll let you know.  But I’ve (picked) you because I believe in you … You’re the person I picked for this role and I’m going to let you do that.”

The words above were uttered not by a coach, but by movie director Kevin Smith.  I really like the focus on someone’s strengths, rather than weaknesses or potential.  And we can never be reminded enough that we are responsible for own actions, and their consequences.

Volleyball Coaching Wizards - Wizard Wisdom


      1. Devo, you wisdom is travelling through the internet and oozing through my keyboard and getting my fingers messy.
        It’s a movie director.


  1. I have had alot of time to ponder this, and I really like this quote Mark.
    I enjoy Volleyball, but you can imagine how it is not the main sport in New Zealand lol.
    I admire coaches of alot of codes, and I am trying to get my little brother to understand how to play certain positions in rugby. He has the talent, but slightly missing the attitude part.

    I like the part “You make your own choices, you’re the author of your own performance, you have to live with it forever.” I will be heading out for runs with him to coach him and this quote is so ideal, thanks for bringing it to our attention. Wonder who did quote it?


    1. That line was actually the one that grabbed my attention. Also because that is the single thing that is the hardest to get across: that individuals are responsible for their own actions AND they have to live with them. In professional sport, and every other human endeavour, there are always excuses.
      I also like the idea that the speaker/coach is working with the strengths of the ‘player’ and not with his perceived ‘potential’.


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