Why I Love Polish Volleyball

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The reason I love Polish volleyball is that in Poland there are fans who or so dedicated (or have nothing better to do) that they spend hours taking highlight clips from all over the world and fitting them perfectly into a Foo Fighters song.  This one is cool and includes the two greatest individual actions I’ve seen and I can say I was in the gym for both of them.  There are dozens of other highlight videos like this, and maybe better, on www.volleyball-movies.pl.


  1. That play by Grbic was just incredible. I remember watching it live and thinking – he’s going to get that block – as he was running back on the court. It just seemed like the sort of thing that would HAVE to happen after getting that dig.

    Indeed he did get the block and stopped the momentum that the Russians had started to build. I actually think that point won them the match (apologise to all those who think that every point has the same value). Not bad for a guy with a reputation for…..ummmm……..not reaching is own high standards in important situations……


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