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90 - learn the technology

As time goes by the coaching staff of teams have become more and more specialised. Instead of a single coach fulfilling all the tasks required from technical practice to conditioning to video recording to statistic collection, there are often multiple coaches available, each with their own task.

While this situation is obviously positive in many ways, it can actually restrict a coach’s development. One of the key learning activities for coaches is to learn how about statistics, and particularly how to collect the statistics. Apart from the leadership value in understanding the roles of all staff members, the act itself is valuable. The act of learning how to collect statistics helps a young coach in understanding the structure and order of the game and in learning how to observe the game in its details.

The same goes for other technological coaching aids such as video software and camera use and set up. This knowledge is also practical in that those tasks still need to be carried out even in the absence of a staff member.

It is great to have a staff, but not at the expense of learning everything that is possible. That includes learning the technology

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