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Imagine if you had a rotation with the setter front row and no first tempo player. How would you solve this problem? It might look something like this from Canada playing in 1986. The setter, Dave Jones, is in position 4.

The first thing you would do is to have just one receiver, because the server is travelling 20m+ before it gets to the receiver. After that, maybe you would run two outside balls with a fast pipe. Maybe just two outside balls. Which if you added a fake first tempo run by a backrow player would look like this.

That play kind of works most of the time, but this is the play you run to guarantee a point. Keep the single man reception and the fake first tempo. Change the two front row players to run combos to the same spot, and then have the single receiver spike from the backrow from position 5.

Works every time.

Although judging from the screenshot below, there is a chance this might not have been the plan.

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