Marv Dunphy Timeouts

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I’ve been watching a lot of old videos, studying the past, trying to understand where we are, looking to recycle the past into something for the future. I stumble across lots of forgotten, or never noticed, gems. One of those are the timeouts of Marv Dunphy during the Olympic Gold Medal run of 1988.

If you crawl around You Tube and pay attention to such things, you will notice that the NBC coverage differs slightly from the international feed. One of those differences is that NBC has a cameraman and microphone on Marv Dunphy during set breaks and timeouts. So it is possible to see and hear how he interacts with his team.

Without wanting to spoil anything, he is, as renowned, quiet and focused and has a good rapport with his players. He only says what is necessary and lets other speak.

UNTIL they are about to win the gold medal. In his very last timeout of the final he can’t stop talking, even chasing players onto the court to give them a last piece of information. I guess it was an important moment and a little stress is okay.

Enjoy the clip here for yourself.

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