The 5 Precises of Volleyball

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Yes, I know precise isn’t a noun. But today I was reading some things about skill learning theory and they invent words to describe what they want, so I figured I could too. Plus, I think you will know what my invented word means.

Volleyball is a game of precision. It requires of it’s participants to be precise if they want to have any sort of success. But exactly what does precise mean in the this context? I’m glad you asked. There are precisely 5 Precises of Volleyball**.

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Precise Preparation – Before each rally prepare the information that you will need for the upcoming action and if necessary communicate that information with teammates. Review your opponent’s rotation, the players in front, where your teammates are, what are the areas of responsibility and if and how it all relates to the pre match game plan, or coach’s previous instructions. Hint: It is always necessary to share this with teammates.

Precise Attention – During the rally direct your attention to exactly the area you need to watch in order to make good decisions. Sometimes your focus must be narrow, sometimes it must be wide, but it must always be precise.

Precise Movement – When not playing the ball, you have different requirements at different moments, carry them out precisely. If you must stand, stand in exactly the right position. If you have move, move to exactly the right position. In between make those movements sharp and precise. The setting position is not somewhere near the net. The path of the first tempo attack is not somewhere near the setter. And so on and so forth.

Precise Organisation – In virtually all cases, there is one single player who should play the ball to get best outcome for the team. Blockers and defenders must be in precisely the right position and posture to allow the other area to function. Everyone on the team must have precise attention to make correct decisions to maximise the effectiveness of the team.

Precise Execution – In every case the ball has a specific target. The ball should be played to that precise target. Easy to medium balls should be played precisely to the net. The target zone for difficult balls must be in a safe area, but also precise. The quality of each contact has a significant impact on each subsequent action on both sides of the net. And yet for so many contacts in play is considered acceptable.

In case you are wondering, yes, I am pretty sure that my players get sick of me saying precise.

**See what I did there?

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