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51 other 3 day rule

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Routine is the enemy of motivation.  For players to be fully engaged in the preparation and learning process they need to be motivated.  Only then can they give their full attention to the task that is required of them.

Novelty or anything new or unusual provides extra motivation for players who feel constrained by the monotony of routine.

The first time players do any new drill or game is always a little bit chaotic.  it takes them some time to understand the rules and rhythms of it, and to solve whatever the problem the coach is presenting to the team.

The trick for the player is to provide novelty, allow time for the players to learn the intended lesson and then to move one before routine sets in and motivation wanes.

It turns out that 3 days is about the right length of time.  Day 1 to learn to the new drill or game, day 2 to understand it and day 3 to absorb the lessons.  Doing the same drill for a fourth day in a row nearly always results in routine setting in and motivation falling.  You can always come back to it later, but 3 days is the most you should ever do anything in a row.

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