Coaching Tip #53

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53 - analyse rationally

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Sport, as a human activity, is one that is characterised by the level of emotions that are elicited on a daily / weekly / monthly basis.  These emotions are what attracts participants to sport, makes fans come to watch the matches, makes people want to be involved.

To improve in any activity one of the central requirements is the presence of objective feedback.  Coaches know this in their daily training environment and this knowledge defines how they work with players.  And so they need objective analysis of performance in competition.

The first and strongest response to performance and results is normally the emotional response which is unfortunately the least objective measure.  In order for the coach to get the required objective feedback, they must first separate themselves from the emotion of the occasion.

Performance and result are not necessarily connected.  Good performances do not inevitably lead to victory just as bad performances do not lead to defeat.  The presence or absence of luck must be accounted for.  The other team can be below strength for some reason, or 50/50 calls can go to your team at a higher rate than normal.  Luck is real.

To get the objective feedback needed, the coach has to peel back the emotion until only the rational remains.  Simply, to get better at coaching, analyse rationally.

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