Do It Your Way

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Doug Beal changed the way volleyball was played. He introduced the concept of specialisation that is at the heart of every single volleyball match you will watch. That is the great lesson to be learned from his work.

Pete Carroll through his success at college and NFL football introduced the Win Forever mantra to the sport and changed the way people approach practice in American Football. That is the great lesson to be learned from his work.

Two great lessons from two great coaches.

Except that those are not real lessons. The superficial tactics and programs that many coaches slavishly copied are just mechanics. Correct interpretation of Beal and Carroll’s work provides a much different and vastly more important lesson.

Beal in his book Spike! goes through the process that led to the development of specialisation. The key moment in this process was deciding to develop a uniquely American way of thinking about and playing volleyball, taking into account the distinct strengths and weaknesses of their players and in general the American mentality to sport.

Carroll is his book Win Forever glosses over the process that led to the development of his philosophy. The key moment was deciding to development of a unique system of training and working, taking into account his own personality, philosophies and characteristics.

The lesson is ‘Do it your way’. Find out what your strengths and weaknesses are, take advantage of your personality, and develop something that is unique.

Don’t do it Beal’s way.  Don’t do it Carroll’s way. Do it your way.

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