“The Cantagalli Set”

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A lot of sports promote great performances in their history or particular important matches, often giving them special names to immortalise something about the game. ‘The Snow Game’, ‘The Battle of Santiago’, ‘The Shot’, ‘The Flu Game’ etc etc.

As well documented here, volleyball is not one of those sports.  If it were there, everyone would know ‘The Cantagalli Set’.  In the final of the 1995 European Championships, entering the second set 0-5 (remember sideout scoring) with Italy having already lost the first set, Luca ‘Bazooka’ Cantagalli turned in a performance for the ages (cliche intended).  Hitting 11/13 in attack with one block for the set and he had an amazing 10! points.

Here are all 10 points.

Italy went on the win the match in five sets.  The whole match should be remembered a lot more than it is.

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