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In practice, or at least my practice, it often happens that players do things to put off their friends on the other side of the net.  Things that they wouldn’t normally do in matches.  Things that are aren’t really covered in the rules.  One of those things is waving their hands under the net, close to the player playing the ball.

Sometimes, but not often, it happens in matches too.  I don’t want to say once every 25 years, because I am sure it has happened since the 1995 European Championships but this one jumped out at me.  Watch Bernardi under the net.  And watch two seconds later as van der Meulen turns around in the middle of the rally to see wtf just happened.

It actually kinds of looks like he touched him.


Van der Meulen doesn’t let anything like that stop him playing the ball, but he does turn around to see what happened.

bernardi 2

Such shenanigans!!

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