Old, Old School Volleyball

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The following video was on YouTube at some point and perhaps still is, unlisted somewhere. Either way it is not readily available from the original uploader. I think this is important enough to reupload. If the original is still available then I will happily delete mine.

The title of the video 1957 USA National Volleyball Championships but in reality there are quite a few different matches, presumably of a similar vintage, plus some technical tips.

A couple of things to note:

In the 1950s, the United States did not play with international rules. During this particular period, for some reason lost in the mists of time, they allowed four blockers at the net. That is, one of the backrow players was allowed to block.

Most of the play here is from before the invention / introduction of the underarm pass, the ‘bagger’. All contacts are overhead. Almost certainly volleyball fans from this era believe strenuously that the underarm pass ruined the game and took the skill out of volleyball.

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