Bench Players

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Russ Rose is the coach of the Penn State womens’ volleyball team.  A week or so ago they won their fourth national championships in a row and fifth overall.  A couple of days after winning the event, he was interviewed on The Net Live.  During the interview he posed himself the question “Why don’t your bench players play more?”  I really liked his answer.  “We practice on four days a week and play on two.  They have ample time to prove they should be playing.”

Which brings to mind a quote from last week’s Hugh McCutcheon interview.  A Hugh McCutcheon line to emphasise that being a successful athlete (or coach) is actually difficult is “It’s not all rainbows and ponies”.

I can just picture the meeting… ‘Why aren’t I playing more?’  ‘It’s not all rainbows and ponies, son.  You have ample time to prove you should be playing.’  I might use that.

There is a whole page of Russ Rose quotes here.


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