Coaching Tip #76

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76 - reflect

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A lot of coaches (but sadly not all) will do the (minimum) appropriate accreditation courses.  Many coaches will do further research and study and updating as part of their ongoing education and development.  A few coaches will visit other coaches practices and engage them in an effort to learn best practices.

None of those activities alone will help a coach be a good coach.  To get the full effect from these and other coaching and coach development activities, reflection is required.  To fully understand and internalise any new information, the coach must spend some time to reflect and consider.

The same applies with feedback from players, from competition and from practice.  The presence of feedback is immaterial if the coach doesn’t spend the time in reflection.

Reflect on your learning.  Reflect on your influences.  Reflect on your practices.  Reflect on your matches.  Then you have a chance to reach your potential.

A collection of 50 Coaching Tips can be found here.

For more great coaching tips, check out the Vyacheslav Platonov coaching book here.


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