Brazil Sideout 1992

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Quite some time I wrote about having rediscovered the 1992 Brazilian Olympic team. Slap bang in the period in which Italy and to a lesser degree The Netherlands dominated world volleyball, Brazil came along and destroyed everyone playing an exciting brand of volleyball, with dynamic young players. They looked set to rule the world for years to come. But didn’t.

I will write more about the whole match later, but here is the Brazilian sideout. The starting lineup was:

6 – Mauricio Lima
14 – Tande
9 – Carlao
1 – Marcelo Negrao
3 – Giovane Gavio
5 – Paolo Silva

The basic sideout can be seen in the video, but some notes:
P1 – They start with Gavio and Carlao (nominally a middle blocker) receiving. Negrao hits first tempo, and Carlao from position 4. Later Tande steps back to receive and Carlao hits first tempo with Negrao outside.
P6 – They always used a double quick with Carlao and Negrao, sometimes both in front of the setter, sometimes one in front, one behind. Tande hits from position 1 after reception.
P5 – Paolo is front row and only spikes first tempo. Negrao hits first tempo as a double quick (like P6) or from position 2. When he runs first tempo, Tande hits from position 1.
P4 – A standard rotation, except Carlao is the pipe hitter.
P3 – Another standard rotation, except that Gavio and Carlao both hit pipe, perhaps depending on the server, or the serve.
P2 – Carlao is frontrow and spikes only first tempo. Gavio is the only pipe hitter.

At first glance it seems like there is a lot of variation and players running all around the place. Once you settle down, they have a basic outline and a couple of little variations. To watch Gavio, who is like a dynamic version of Giba, and Negrao, who was tournament MVP at 18 years old.

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