2002 World Championships – Brazil By Rotation

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For the amusement of probably noone other than myself, I have watched scouted and analysed a whole lot of old matches. In that process I watched the semi finals and medal matches of the 2002 World Championships. So to follow my analysis of the 1992 and 2004 Brazilian Olympic champions sideout, here is the 2002 version.

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Some notes…

In both semi final and final, Mauricio (with Andre) started the match and was replaced by Ricardo (with Anderson). Mauricio returned (with Giovane) for the final points. Presumably because Bernardinho is a big supporter of the double sub, there are some periods where Nalbert plays far from Mauricio but close to Ricardo, and Giba vice versa. In the second half of the final Giba moves to his customary position close to Ricardo. The overall impression is that Mauricio is not the player he was in 1992, and Ricardo is not yet the player he will be in 2004. They are still pretty good.

Other than that, there isn’t much to say. Here are the videos , and if you scroll further down, courtesy of Science Untangled are the respective distributions.

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