2002 World Championships – Russia By Rotation

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For the amusement of probably noone other than myself, I have watched scouted and analysed a whole lot of old matches. In that process I watched the semi finals and medal matches of the 2002 World Championships. So to follow my analysis of the Brazilian teams of 1992, 2002 and 2004 Italian team of 2004, here is the Russian team from 2002.

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Some notes…

The basic starting lineup was Khamoutskikh – Iakovlev, Tetyukhin – Abramov, Egortchev – Kulechov, Mitkov. It was a really good team and came really close to winning the World Championships. In fact is the challenge system was was able to review a couple of calls in the 3rd set, they may well have.
In the semi final, Khamoutskikh was changed with Uchakov, who did a great job to win a final berth.
Did I say this was a really good team? Tetyukhin was in his 2nd (of 5?) peaks and did everything. Egortchev is a forgotten player. A couple of years later he wasn’t in such good shape, but here he is the best middle on the court.

Other than that, there isn’t much to say. Here are the videos , and if you scroll further down, courtesy of Science Untangled are the respective distributions.

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  1. WIll we get an analysis on the french team that came 3rd coached by Blaine? A young Antiga, Henno + Daquin, Granvorka etc etc… I tried coidng these matches but had issues with seeing stuff in the tape quality. admire the work!


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