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Apart from giving me an outlet to write about things in volleyball that interest and intrigue me, the main themes of this blog (and Facebook page and Twitter feed) are to share ideas from backgrounds to which not all coaches necessarily have access, and to maintain volleyball history.  Volleyball as a sport has a very poor sense of its own history and what little literature there is fractured into smaller language groups.  For example, English speakers have no real access to the collected wisdom of incredible coaching talents like Platonov or Velasco whose main work has been carried out in other languages.

In another attempt to address this issue John Forman (blogger at ‘Coaching Volleyball’) and I have begun a new project entitled ‘Volleyball Coaching Wizards’.  The goal of the project is to identify and interview as many of the great volleyball coaches in the world (wizards, if you will) and disseminate their accumulated wisdom in as many forms as we can.  In our minds, coaching wizards do not only coach professionals, and are not necessarily famous.  They can just as equally coach high school teams or national teams but their knowledge and experience will be helpful to all.  Initially, the interviews will be available as downloadable audio files and ultimately we would like to put them into a book form.

Until now we have had about 200 coaches nominated (you can nominate a wizard here), 30 confirmations and seven completed interviews.  This will be a long term project.  Details of subscriptions are currently being finalised and will be released soon.  In the meantime, sign up for our mailing list here, and receive a link to one of the first interviews.  And support us on Facebook and Twitter and You Tube.  On those platforms you can also link to clips from some of the completed interviews to give you a taste of what we have in mind right now, but the finished project will be moulded by the input of many.

One of the first interviews was with well known Canadian coach Stelio DeRocco.  Completely unprompted (I promise!) he explained how he saw the value of the ‘Volleyball Coaching Wizards’.


    1. I suppose there is right time to devote little bit to the Brazilian volleyball in connection with information that the great coach and motivator Bernardino Rezende has left the post at the Brazil men national volleyball team. It deserves some analyses so that experts and fans could understand how the Brazilian volleyball has reached on the highest place in the volleyball world and what is behind it. However it is pity the Mr. B. Rezende did not write a book on his huge personal experience yet…Until now he has worked for Brazil, by this book he could work for world…

      Here is an article which could provide some basic information on that, including a role of the science. Of course, there are more reasons behind this sport “miracle” which should be dealt with and mentioned:
      “Historia del voleibol en Brasil y el efecto de la evolución científica de la Educación Física brasileña en ese deporte.
      History of the volleyball in Brazil and the effect of the scientific evolution of the Brazilian physical education in volleyball.”


  1. I have used the Google Translator to translate from Portuguese into English and also into my mother language and compared both versions. Then I consulted with a Brazilian player who had played in our country and had lived in our city…
    Moreover I have some independent info a part of history of the Brazilian volleyball from a book which was written by our old famous player – one of the best spiker in world in 60s and latter on a very successful coach – a winner of a former CHL etc.. I have discussed with him on various topics including this one. He had some personal experience how our country had contributed on development of volleyball in Brazil… Such bilateral activities were very often in past. Brazil had invested a lot of money and effort into obtaining know-how. They were very open to all countries which had meant something in this sport and also in connected matters – like this physical preparation and education etc…
    Anyway thank for your info on a book of B. Rezende… We would appreciate an updated version – on his long successful career where he could insert new experience, would not we? Hope FIVB could help with a translation it into English and publish it, provided they will not interfere into contents…


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