Coaching Tip #52

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52 - choices and freedoms

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People are always more fully engaged in activities they do by choice.  However, the reality of working in teams is that individuals very often have to do things that they personally would not choose to do, in the best interests of the team.

Rules are essential for the smooth functioning of any group or team.  However, if there are too many rules or if the team spends a lot of time together governed by rules, players are more likely to find small ways to break those rules and seek their freedom.

One solution is to minimise the number of rules in the team.  Another solution is to find areas in which players can have some choices or freedoms.  There are always little areas that are not really important that can be turned over to the team.

For example, if there is no real difference between two practice times, allow the team to decide.  For example, if there is a range of team training gear, allow players to mix and match as they like.

The positive effect on the team from allowing some small choices and freedoms is likely to be much greater than the tiny piece of control the coach gives up.

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