Coaching Tip #11

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10 - shining a light

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Coaches are naturally fixated on the weaknesses of their team.  Obviously you improve a team by fixing its weaknesses.  At least that is the normal way of thinking.  I’m not so sure.

Coaches must definitely know the weaknesses of their team and they must definitely consider those weaknesses while preparing their training plans.  But continuously shining a light on those weaknesses, by constantly talking about and training has two effects.  Firstly, it takes time from practicing your strengths.  Improving your weaknesses can help prevent losing matches, but it is your strengths that actually win those matches.  And perhaps more importantly, there can be a big effect on players’ confidence.  For example, if players or the team continuously hear that reception is their weakness, they expect their reception to be poor.  After the first poor reception they can start to think ‘here it goes again’ and the downward spiral begins.

Attending to weaknesses is important, but never forget your strengths and always work to keep confidence high.


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