Julio Velasco – 12 Quotes

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Julio Velasco is a good coach. He should be widely studied. Below is a video of 12 of his quotes. They are gold. I hope the translations do them justice. Please feel free to suggest a better translation. Most are ok, but I think a couple are not quite right.

“When you decide to be a coach you must very clear about one thing: The players are as they are. We have always been told that for the coach all players are equal and this has always been the biggest lie that exists in sport.”

“The first victory that I propose to my players, and that I put myself is to beat a terrible enemy, one who hides and whom we never want to face. This adversary is our defects, the things that we are not good at, that we don’t like.”

“Failing to overcome the difficulties faced by the “culture of alibis”, that is, the attempt to attribute our failure to something that does not depend on us.”
The culture of alibis is one of his main themes. I like ‘alibis’ but it is probably better to translate as ‘excuses’.

“It is widely believed that whoever won did everything right and whoever lost did everything wrong. In sport it is not enough to do things well, you have to do them better than others.”

“The search for quality does not mean perfection, for the simple reason that it is not possible to achieve it. One of the tasks of a real coach is to identify among all the elements to improve in a game those that are decisive for the victory.”

“Sport serves to learn to lose, as well as to win. Winning is not just about beating your opponents, winning means exceeding your limits: this is the first victory that one must try to achieve.”

“I want spikers who spike badly set balls well. The spikers don’t talk about the set, they solve it.”

“He who wins celebrates, he who loses explains.”

“The beauty of our job is this: the decisions that were made yesterday no longer work today.”
I am not sure about this translation.

“Defence is the thermometer of the soul of a team.
I personally say covering spikers is the soul, but defence is not bad.

“I don’t like to tell the guys that everything will be fine, to reassure. I prefer to tell them that it will go as we will make it go.”

“For me, a leader is more a teacher than a leader. A leader has to think a lot about others, he has to know where he wants to go and how to get there.”

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