Coaching Tip #81

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Training time is finite. It doesn’t matter how long you train, there is always a limit. As every coach knows, the consequence of that fact is that you can never train everything. Every choice made involves not just an inclusion but also an exclusion.

More repetitions means less specificity. And the reverse.

When the coach puts in more balls, there is more conditioning and more repetitions but less reading and less specificity.

More ‘technical’ drills means less team drills and less game play and reading.

More side out drills means less total repetitions and less conditioning. (And probably less focus and attention)

More work with the ‘starters’ means better teamwork for them but less flexibility and less team cohesion.

Every time a coach chooses to do one thing, they are choosing not to do something else.

Everything is a tradeoff. When choosing what you include, always remember what you are excluding.

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