Second Contact – Episode 1

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If you have spent any time with me, or on my blog, you have probably gleaned that I am interested in volleyball. Not just competing, or coaching, or playing, but volleyball in its entirety, up to and including its history. I love to talk about old games and players and to complain about how volleyball has not taken care of its history. During this lockdown, I started watching and collating old games that I watched when I was falling in love with the game, or had heard about but never seen, or that I just came across on old VHS tapes or on YouTube. Writing about those games was one outlet. You may have seen articles here and here and here and here. It occurred to me that talking about them was probably just as much fun, and talking about them with someone else probably even more so. I ran the idea by my coaching colleague Liam Sketcher and he agreed.

So here is Episode 1 of ‘Second Contact’. We have a bunch of other matches coming. I hope you enjoy it. If you have anything you want to see, or any suggestions at all, just drop us a line in the comments. And if you just want to jump to your favourite segment check out the running sheet.

Intro 0:37
Teams 2:38
Tactics 5:11
Run of the game 14:12
Now and Then – Tactics 16:50
Now and Then – Around the Game 20:13
Coaches’ Fashion 22:41
TV Presentation 24:02
Coolest Uniforms 24:36
Player Stories 27:39
Funniest Moments 30:30
Unanswerable Questions 31:56
Outro 36:03

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The total of 82 practical Coaching Tips can be found here and here.

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