Second Contact – Episode 2

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In Second Contact, fellow coach Liam Sketcher and I watch some of the great matches of the past, and put them through the filter of the present. The ‘Second Contact Filter’ if you will. Our in depth analysis is accompanied by clips of the match. In Episode 1, we looked at the final of the 1992 Olympics between Brazil and The Netherlands and marveled at the proto modern volleyball of Brazil. We decided that the PE teacher look was better than the bus driver look for coaches. We decided that a serve under the net was pretty funny even if we don’t reveal who served 😉 . And we wondered why Brazil didn’t win every event for the next 10 years.

In Episode 2, we go back a further four days in history to the quarter final match between Netherlands and Italy, that many (at least me) maintain is the greatest surprise in Olympic volleyball history. We talk about how easy the serving was (at 11:15), how stupid the rules were (at 16:20), and who had the cooler uniforms (at 19:40). See the full run sheet below.

Feel free to like and subscribe to the YouTube channel and add your own thoughts. Fact checking is encouraged (we’ve caught a few already) and even the odd bit of friendly disagreement. And by all means suggest any match you would like to see through the ‘Second Contact Filter’.

Intro 0:15
Teams 2:35
Run of the game 6:40
Serving 11:15
Now and Then – Tactics 12:00
Now and Then – Rules and Presentation 16:20
Antenna Story – 18:10
Coolest Uniforms 19:40
More Stories 22:10
Funniest Moments 23:35
Unanswerable Questions 25:30
Outro 28:15

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