2019 VNL – Breakpoint Phase Analysis

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Here is an overall and team by team analysis of the break point phase from 2019 VNL.  The overall break point rate of 32.1% is essentially the same as all major events / leagues.  One interesting point is that the break point rate for float serves is higher than for jump serves, even though the ace rate is only half.  The ATT/D (attacks per defensive opportunity) is 42.5, which is also in the ‘normal’ range.  Click on the charts to see them full size.BP totalIn the sideout phase analysis, we noted that against the top teams, teams served more service errors (presumably feeling the pressure to make a strong serve or risk an easy sideout).  In the break point, an eye ball look over this chart shows that against top teams, teams make more direct attack errors after reception.  It seems top teams ‘force’ their opponents into more errors.  The question is whether through good play, or for psychological reasons.

BP teams total

Below is the ranking of teams in different areas of the break point phase.  Using really simple analysis, break point percentage has the same influence on win percentage as sideout percentage.  Interestingly, ace percentage is completely irrelevant, and block percentage not particularly important.  The areas that do show influence on win percentage are ATT/D and transition attack percentage.  The combination of serve / block / defence / attack is more important than any individual component.  Interesting…

bp phase teams

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    1. ‘Breakpoint’ is a point won (or lost) on your own serve. The opposite of sideout.
      In the old days it was just called a point, but all rallies are points now. I think the origin is Italian, but I’m not sure.


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